Wayne Campbell exhibits urgent footage from three years of protest in London

“I wasn’t fully aware of the depth of my activism before attending my first George Floyd protest,” says Wayne Campbell, “but I certainly was after.” Wayne has documented protests across London over the past three years. Partly to “contribute to the wave of change” that is only possible through collective activism, but also to remind viewers of the power of this force in unity. Wayne’s efforts to inspire action remain the focus of the artist’s new exhibition, A demonstration celebrationhighlighting galvanizing work in this vein.

Featuring 25 works taken at multiple events across London – from Parliament Square to Hyde Park, Brixton, the US Embassy and New Scotland Yard – A demonstration celebration will run from October 15-31 and can be viewed free of charge at Market Row in Brixton Village, unit 14BC. Along with illustrations and photographs, it will feature quotes collected during these protests, while Wayne catalogs the voices of collective activism within the city.

Of the exhibit, Wayne says, “This collection of images not only represents what I captured during the demonstrations outside, but the illustrations are quite symbolic of how my mind was processing my feelings inside. . I would like the public to be moved by these two points of view, I would like them to see in the work the reasons why he himself stood up to demonstrate and shout “Enough is enough”, not only to London or Europe, but across the world.”

Among the works to appear at A Celebration of the event are images taken during a demonstration for Chris Kaba. On September 5, 2022, Chris Kaba, an unarmed black man, was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police. The firearms officer who killed Kaba has not been questioned on bail or charged with murder. Readers can find actions to take in support of the #JusticeForChrisKaba campaign via the official campaign account and attend the Justice For Chris Kaba conference on Saturday, October 15.

Below, Wayne shares the moments surrounding three images taken during Chris Kaba’s demonstration at New Scotland Yard.

Julia P. Cluff