This week at the Museums: Buddhist relics, Silk Road exhibitions and a summer art program for all ages

The National Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi are putting on a host of exciting exhibitions this week, ranging from Buddhist art, historical Silk Road exhibits and a summer arts program for all groups of age.

Relics of Buddhist art, including 82 pieces of stone, bronze and terracotta, are displayed in the National Museum. The museum will also exhibit Central Asian antiquities, which will include murals, sculptures, documents and coins from cultures along the Silk Roads.

The famous artwork of 1000 Buddhas of Ajanta and Dunhuang. (Express photo by Divya A)

There will also be an exhibition on 19th century paintings, as well as a digital museum experience on the website that will allow you to explore different museum exhibits from the comfort of your home.

The National Gallery of Modern Art will showcase an artistic journey of Nandalal Bose, a pioneer of modern Indian art and an important figure in contextual modernism. Naimisha’s summer art program will be open until June 26 and will offer events in visual arts, theatre, performance as well as tactile workshops for people with disabilities – there are two age groups: 5 -15 years and 16 years and over.

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