The National Portrait Gallery announces the fourth season of its PORTRAITS podcast | Smithsonian Voices

Credit: PORTRAITS, a podcast from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery has announced the fourth season of its PORTRAITS podcast, which explores the true stories of extraordinary people. Hosted by museum director Kim Sajet, PORTRAITS creates a space for listeners to explore the layers of human experience, inside and outside the walls of the museum. The fourth season explores themes of resilience and resistance by examining history through the lens of its guests and continues the Portrait Gallery‘s commitment to nationally accessible programming. Starting May 17, 10 episodes will air every two weeks until September 20. A trailer is available for download on May 10.

“The personal testimonies in this season of PORTRAITS will highlight the gaps between the ideals of a democracy and the realities of life,” said Sajet.

“These stories are important because through them we see a historical pattern of resistance against the status quo alongside an undercurrent of resilience.”

From the museum’s workshop in Washington, D.C., Sajet will meet agents of change, from grassroots organizer Dolores Huerta, who with Cesar Chavez co-founded the National Farmworkers Association (now United Farm Workers) and fought for labor and civil rights, to actor George Takei, whose early years in Japanese American internment camps shaped a life of activism. Other guests include feminist leader and journalist Gloria Steinem; Deb Willis, artist, author and curator with Rhea Combs, director of curatorial affairs at the Portrait Gallery; Jada Yuan, granddaughter of Chien-Shiung Wu, Ph.D., Chinese-American physicist; and Indra Nooyi, Indian-American business executive and former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. Some model portraits related to these episodes can be seen at the museum or virtually at

Listeners can download the first three seasons of PORTRAITS and all new episodes as season four unfolds at or via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, PRX, Public Radio, Spotify and Stitcher. Previous seasons of PORTRAITS have featured guests such as Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III; hip-hop artist and actor LL Cool J; singer Renee Fleming; artists Hugo Crosthwaite, Hope Gangloff, Wendy MacNaughton, Robert McCurdy and the late Hung Liu; choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess; the late historian and news commentator Cokie Roberts; historian and author Jill Lepore; and editor of Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg.

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Julia P. Cluff