Sister Cor exhibits sculptures at Marywood

An art exhibit opens this weekend at Marywood University in Scranton. Scott Schaffer of Newswatch 16 shows us the remarkable artist behind the work.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Sister Cor Immaculatum taught art at Marywood University for 30 years, 14 of those as head of the department.

She is now retired, which leaves her plenty of time to pursue her other interests, such as sculpture.

Sister Cor, it should be mentioned, will be 90 next month.

This weekend she opens a five-week exhibition of her work at the Mahady Gallery in Marywood.

More than 80 pieces are exhibited. Many are smaller recreations of larger statues that can be found throughout the state.

The seekers – three life-size statues seated on a bench, two young women with a book and a young man with a mobile phone.

The Crucifix – Sister Cor’s interpretation of Christ’s final moments on the cross, hands open in welcome, arms outstretched.

And, of course, Mary and Joseph.

“And then there’s Joseph in a way he’s not usually portrayed. I can’t stand images of Joseph as an old man,” Sister Cor said. “He’s a young man in love with her. And he says, ‘I’ll take care of you and the child.’ And so, I love this portrayal of Mary and Joseph.”

“Let All Creatures Praise the Lord” is Sister Cor’s largest project, a larger-than-life exhibit on a private farm in Lancaster County.

Visitors to the exhibit at Marywood will see a scaled-down version of one of his iconic designs.

“You’ll notice how they all look up. And in their own way, praising God,” Sister Cor said. “The liberal arts awaken you – art, music, poetry and scripture – they awaken the whole person.”

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Julia P. Cluff