PHOTOS: The Nicolaysen Art Museum hosts three new artist exhibitions, plus the first group exhibition of Casper artists

(Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

CASPER, Wyo.– The Nicolaysen Museum of Art (NIC) announced Wednesday that it will host a number of new exhibits, including exhibits featuring works by artists Linda Ryan, Anton Fox and Amber Marie. A fourth new exhibition features works by members of the Casper Artist Collective.

There will be an opening reception for new exhibits beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, April 8 at the NIC. Sweet Zoey will be catering at the reception and complimentary drinks will be available.

Linda Ryan’s exhibition is called “Evolving Exploration”. Ryan taught sculpture, 3D design, metals and bronze casting at Casper College for 35 years, according to NIC. His own mixed media metal casting and welding work has been exhibited nationally.

Drawing by Linda Ryan. (Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

“I make art to know what it’s going to look like,” Ryan said in an artist statement. “The process of discovery is what motivates me. My work reflects my love of the phenomenal world and all it has to offer both visually and tacitly. I love the physicality of materials, objects and everything around me, both natural and manufactured.

Some of Ryan’s work will be available for purchase, with proceeds going to Mimi’s House and the NIC.

Drawing by Linda Ryan. (Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

Fox’s exhibit is titled “All Right Angles.” Fox is a retired member of the Casper Fire Department who has lived in Wyoming for 44 years. He was born in Washington, D.C. His exhibit features “state-of-the-art geometric abstract paintings,” according to the NIC.

“It’s the duality of things that I love,” says Fox’s artist statement. “I like the straight line; it has its own beauty which can show you from complex to very simple. For me, abstracting and condensing a painting to its line, color, shape and space can give it both a sense of ambiguity and clarity.

Drawing by Anton Fox. (Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

Amber Marie’s exhibition is called “Phases”. The NIC says she is a “realist who specializes in portraits with symbolic imagery”. Her work involves colored pencils and acrylic paint on wood and paper.

“His exhibit is a conceptually evolving exhibit, where each month new portraits will replace words, continuing the evolution of the exhibit,” the NIC said.

“Pour Your Misery On Me”, by Amber Marie. (Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

In her artist statement, Marie said, “Just being is a huge act as a woman. Simply be what we choose. I want to present them as they are in any phase of their life. I want to tell their stories, how they change, how they dealt with what happened to them, who we are and what we are becoming.

Lintukoto by Amber Marie. (Courtesy of Nicolaysen Art Museum)

The Casper Artists’ Collective exhibit at the NIC will be its members’ first exhibit. It will feature over 40 pieces by 22 artists.

“The Collective aims to foster a community where the visual arts play a central and meaningful role as a source of meaning, enjoyment, connections and value,” the NIC said. “This exhibition celebrates creation without borders and shows the diversity Casper artists have to offer.”

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Julia P. Cluff