Patryk Wilk exhibits the smartest piece of conceptual art at the Living Art Museum

The young artist of the decade creates incredible pieces of art in the most impressive wa

Worldwide recognition young artist, Patryk Wilk, has made a statement with one of his stellar concept art pieces, “Inexpressible”, on display at Iceland’s renowned museum, the Living Art Museum. The inexpressible is a contemporary art designed to creatively express ideas, thoughts and opinions about space and anything related to space elements. Blessed with artistic grandeur, the artwork includes a variety of unique artistic elements, including items printed on canvas, bone glue, tints, and textiles. Because of its unique endowment, the work spreads gracefully over the highest wall of the gallery.

Patryk is proud to be the artist of the decade as he uses his rare and priceless gift to create conceptual works of art aimed at educating, influencing perceptions and changing the falsely woven thought patterns existing in today’s world. As an artist concerned with improving the status quo of the consumer society, he stands out from a variety of artists littered in the industry. He values ​​aesthetics and material concerns and seeks to capture truth in the most expressive way.

Currently a Master of Fine Art student at Iceland University of The Arts in Reykjavik, Iceland, Patryk uses his art as his voice, focusing primarily on conceptualism. He is considered a master of contemporary art as he infuses pure brilliance into his works as conceptual painter and author of art-based installations, videos and research. He has extensive experience in creating conceptual art and paintings, having practiced as an artist-in-residence at the Hjalteyri Residency Studio from September 2020, Skala Dziwności Studio from May 2019 and April 2019’s Anywhere but Here #2 workshop. Additionally, he has exhibited his artworks on various international platforms.

“The work ‘Inexpressible’, which is presented in the group exhibition at the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, is physically a work of art adapted to new spatial elements. Inexpressible, which is one of the works featured in the exhibition, is a physical representation of their ideas about spatial elements. It is also conceptually related to their ideas about reality. Inexpressible uses the items printed on canvas and bone glue and the idea of ​​a face mask, along with the colors and patterns of the textiles, to create a palette that spans the tallest wall in the entire gallery, which measures about 7 × 3 meters,” said Patrick Wilk.

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