Here are three must-see exhibitions for this first Friday

Here in Wichita it’s first Friday again, and there are a lot of great art openings happening tonight. And here are three that I think you should definitely attend:

Tim Stone’s exhibition at the Reuben Saunders Gallery features large and small works on canvas, as well as some on paper. Stone uses acrylics, oils, and spray paints to craft works that feature cool forest greens, blues, and grays set against fiery, fluorescent reds. There are landscapes seemingly appearing through wet glass or smoky grass fires towards evening. You feel yourself running into strange vistas and searching for hidden meanings. The work is wonderful. This show is well put together and a fascinating study.

Charles Baughman and Troy Becker exhibit together at Mark Arts. Baughman’s extremely playful canvases feature landscapes and pools of water in a collision of drips, splatters and rivers of paint. I look at Baughman’s color palette and wonder HOW he thought he could get away with it and yet he handles it SO well he has to smile to himself to sleep at night. Troy Becker’s stoneware works in this exhibition are immaculate in glaze and form. The soulful shapes add a pleasant and warm feeling. His teapots and cups are sublime. Becker’s work is the perfect counterpoint to Baughman’s playful riot.

And Chuck Dooms and Jessica Vega exhibit together at Art House 310. Vega’s chalk pastel work is a mixture of human and tree-like forms that intertwine and seem to tumble in a dreamscape. The colors are thoughtful and his work encourages reflection. Chuck Dooms is an artist who combines photo manipulation with digital painting. With Dooms, there are no rules. Watch his work while listening to Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra or Jon Spencer and he’ll start to fit right in. His work IS lysergic acid diethylamide – and I love him for it.

Julia P. Cluff