Donald Trump’s portrait replaces that of Barack Obama at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Donald Trump is again replacing Barack Obama.

The 45th president will replace the 44th president of the Smithsonian when the National Portrait Gallery reopens six months after closing amid lockdowns from the Covid pandemic.

The museum announced that its newly acquired photograph of Mr. Trump will reopen its signature exhibit, “America’s Presidents” on May 14.

“There is always a sense of transition when we install a new presidential portrait,” said Dorothy Moss, curator of painting and sculpture at the gallery. The Washington Post.

He replaces a portrait of Mr Obama with Kehinde Wiley. This piece is slated for a one-year tour with a painting of Michelle Obama by artist Amy Sherald. Mr. Obama will continue to be featured in the gallery in the form of Shepard Fairey’s iconic “Hope”.

Taken by photographer Pari Dukovic while on a mission to Time magazine on June 17, 2019, it shows Mr. Trump at the Resolute Desk a day before officially announcing his re-election campaign.

The curator of the photographs of the exhibition, Leslie Ureña, told the To post that she liked the historical merit and artistic composition captured by Mr. Dukovic, who also photographed Mr. Obama for the memoir cover A promised land.

“It’s an angle we don’t see often. You get a bit of the other side and what’s behind the desk, ”she said. “We not only want to represent the individual, but also to bring as much history, as much context as possible.”

While the accompanying blurb praises Mr. Trump’s accomplishments in record unemployment, immigration restrictions and three Supreme Court justices, it also highlights two out of two acquittals. indictments, the handling of the Covid pandemic and the refusal to concede the loss of the presidency to Joe Biden – leading to the capture of the Capitol.

The Trump Photo is a temporary exhibit while the museum awaits an official order for new photographs of former President and First Lady Melania Trump.

Anticipating the public objection to the commission, museum director Kim Sajet said Smithsonian magazine they have “a lot of people saying, ‘Well, let’s get over a president’”.

“There is no moral test for being in the Portrait Gallery. Otherwise, no one would be there, ”she said.

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