Donald Trump Photo Now in the National Portrait Gallery, Internet Asks “Strings Tied to Putin’s Photo?” “

A photo of former President Donald Trump has been included in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The gallery was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but will reopen on May 14. Trump’s photo, which was captured by photographer Pari Dukovic in 2019 for Time magazine, is believed to have been installed in the museum’s signature exhibit, “America’s Presidents.”

According to the museum’s official website, the image was “taken on June 17, 2019, the day before Trump officially announced he would be running again.” He added: “This photograph shows him at the Resolute Desk, which has been in the White House almost continuously since 1880.”

The note in Trump’s photo continues: “The flags in the background, placed in the office during Trump’s presidency, reflect the five branches of the armed forces (left to right): Army, Marine Corps, Navy , Air Force and Coast Guard. in the background (left) is Asher B. Durand’s portrait of Andrew Jackson (1835), a character to whom President Trump frequently referred. Right, a portrait of Benjamin Franklin (circa 1785) by Joseph Duplessis, on loan to the White House from the National Portrait Gallery.


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Apparently, “America’s Presidents” is the only place outside the White House where portraits of all of the presidents of the United States are available. Besides the photos, details about the leaders, their tenure and the challenges they faced can also be found in the exhibit. It has been said that Dukovic’s Trump photo will remain in the museum until his official portrait is ready. It replaced Kehinde Wiley’s portrayal of 44th President Barack Obama, who is due to tour several cities for a year with Amy Sherald’s painting of former first lady Michelle Obama from June.

Donald Trump heads to Marine One in Battle Creek, Michigan, December 18, 2019 (Getty Images)

“There is always a sense of transition when we install a new presidential portrait. We are a museum that reflects art history and biography, and we can celebrate presidents with portraits that are historical documents, ”said Dorothy Moss, curator of painting and sculpture at the gallery.

He also explained that brief biographical information about the presidents is written by historians and museum curators. “We look at the US Presidency as a whole. We don’t include critical comments, but we are even in our ratings. It’s a collaborative process. A lot of people are looking at it. There is a lot of discussion, ”he added.

Leslie Ureña, curator of photographs, told the Washington Post of Dukovic’s photo: “I love the composition of the photograph. It’s an angle you don’t often see. You get a bit of the other side and what is behind the desk.

Donald Trump hugs the American flag during a campaign in Tampa, Florida on October 24, 2016 (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Twitter was buzzing after Trump’s photo was installed at the museum. One user asked, “Will there be strings attached to Putin’s photo?” The second said, “Do they have a ‘Warning for sensitive viewers’ sign or at least a safe space for people who are easily offended? “Trump will be happy. I think the eyeliner adds that little extra something. Official trump portrait, ”one person wrote and added,“ Was it this one that didn’t sell at auction, so Melania had to buy it so as not to embarrass the male child? #Cheese ball. “

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