Cultural ties between Lithuania and Taiwan showcased at NTMoFA exhibitions in Taichung

Taipei, April 13 (CNA) The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) in Taichung said it hopes a pair of new exhibitions featuring Lithuanian photography and Taiwanese artwork can serve as a catalyst for future cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the Baltic nation.

NTMoFA director Liang Yung-fei (梁永斐) said the exhibition and the show inspired by it showed that the bilateral collaboration between Taiwan and Lithuania had extended to the field of art for the first time. times, which he hoped would strengthen ties in the field of cultural affairs.

The photography exhibition “Discoveries: The Search for Identity in Lithuanian Photography”, which opened on Saturday and will last until July 3 at the NTMoFA, presents 87 photographic works provided by the National Museum of Art of Lithuania ( LNMA).

The NTMoFA said the featured works offered insight into 21 artists from different generations in their quest for Lithuanian identity, either under Soviet Union rule or after Lithuania became an independent democracy in 1990.

These works not only reflect Lithuanian photography’s shift from realism to conceptual expressionism, but also the country’s seven decades of social and cultural transformation, NTMoFA added.

Meanwhile, the art exhibition, “Covered Reality: Archival Orientation and Identity in Taiwanese Contemporary Photography,” includes photos and installations by 15 Taiwanese artists who began to explore their cultural identity amid the blossoming of social movements following the repeal of martial law in the late 1980s.

The NTMoFA said the exhibition, which opened at the same venue on Saturday, aimed to “respond” and “echo” the theme of the Lithuanian photo exhibition from a Taiwanese perspective.

At a press conference on Sunday, Culture Minister Lee Yung-te (李永得) said the two events constitute a rare international artistic exchange and thus mark a milestone in the history of art in Taiwan.

Taiwan and Lithuania are more than 8,000 kilometers apart, but the two nations have followed a similar path to freedom and democracy after experiencing decades of oppressive rule by authoritarian rule, he added.

In a pre-recorded video shown during Sunday’s press conference, Tomas Ivanauskas, head of the Lithuanian cultural attaché in China and South Korea, said the Lithuanian exhibition was aimed at highlighting the importance of freedom to a when Europe was hit by a war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

He added that he hopes the Taiwanese show will one day be able to tour Lithuania and bring Taiwanese art to people in the Baltic country, an idea that NTMoFA said was being discussed. .

Both events will run until July 3 in Taichung. Then, the Lithuanian exhibition will move to the National Center of Photography and Pictures in Taipei from September 8 to November 13, followed by the Taiwanese exhibition from September 29 to December 4.

Julia P. Cluff