Artist Hawks Nest exhibits at Manning Regional Art Gallery

Hawks Nest resident Leonie Reisberg currently exhibits her fine art photography at the Manning Regional Art Gallery in Taree.

HAWKS Nest local Leonie Reisberg is currently exhibiting a collection of fine art photography at Manning Regional Art Gallery in Taree.

The exhibition is a retrospective collection with over 50 years of photography on display.

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The imagery includes a variety of subjects, including people, portraits, objects and places, including the beautiful landscapes of the Myall area photographed over the past five years.

Artwork includes a mix of monochrome and color and a mix of photographic styles including Polaroids and panoramas.

Leonie Reisberg told News Of The Area: “My favorite piece that’s on display is of a five-year-old girl wearing a tutu in her garden with a sprinkler on – in the background is her great-great- Grandmother.”

This child is now a lawyer and has her own family.

Leonie can often be seen snapping photos around the Hawks Nest area, inspired by things that capture her curiosity.

The unusual and things that don’t quite fit together are some of the things Léonie’s work documents.

One of Leonie’s works on display is ‘Your Mind Will Set You Free’ and the image is of a sculpture of Buddha’s head which is partially unpacked leaving Buddah appearing caged in a crate.

All of Léonie’s artworks have titles and some have stories behind them, they are framed in limited editions and are available for sale.

By Marianne Samson

Julia P. Cluff