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CAZENOVIA – This summer, Cazenovia resident and fine artist Robert L. Kasprzycki presents a collection of his work at Chenango Arts Council’s Mariea Brown and Raymond Loft Galleries in Norwich, NY.

On until June 24, the exhibit features 20 original works, including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, a digital rendering of a 2007 Corvette, high-definition photographs, seven framed prints and prints. from Kasprzycki’s 2019 novel, “The Talisman,” which tells the story of a Native American family who migrates from Alaska to British Columbia, Canada, in search of a better life.

Kasprzycki titled the exhibition “Inspiration from Nature”.

“Most of the vacations we take include hiking [and] photographing landscapes and/or wildlife,” the artist explained. “Landscapes influence most of my work. Even my novel. . . leans on a wild frame [that] is the key to the plot and the characters.

According to Mary Beth Miller of the Chenango Arts Council, Nature’s Inspiration is about much more than the great outdoors.

“Beautiful landscapes, still lifes and more are captured as intimate moments that would otherwise have been lost,” Miller said. “Robert Kasprzycki uses many mediums. . . to give a striking realism to everything he depicts. Viewers can really feel like they’re sharing the moment with him.

Born in Connecticut, Kasprzycki moved to central New York in the 1980s; he has resided in Cazenovia since 2007.

He holds several degrees from Syracuse University, where he received his first instruction in art. For the most part, however, he is self-taught in fine art techniques.

His artistic interests are landscapes, still lifes and classic cars.

“My favorite medium is oil paint,” Kasprzycki said. “[However,] I can start a piece using acrylic paint as an undercoat, which will be finished with oil paint.

Throughout his artistic career, he has produced a number of commissioned works, exhibited in galleries and festivals, became an associate member of Oil Painters of America, and created Kasprzycki Artistry (2018) in Fayetteville.

Kasprzycki is also a retired industrial designer and manager, who worked in business for over 20 years designing innovative products in the manufacturing industry and mentoring as an adjunct professor. He has also worked in the field of training development and instructional design, designing courses, courseware, and programs for various higher education, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, he served as a U.S. Army Reserve Officer in the Active Reserves for over a decade.

Mariea Brown and Raymond Loft Galleries are located at 27 West Main St., Norwich.

To learn more about Kasprzycki and his work, visit

Julia P. Cluff